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High Cholesterol Symptoms – What to Look Out For

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Do you have a high cholesterol intake? Eating products with high cholesterol levels can result in some serious health hazards.

A growing problem in the world, high cholesterol levels can shorten your lifespan and result in a host of medical problems if not monitored. One of the deadliest aspects of this silent killer is the fact that high cholesterol symptoms are usually rare and undetectable until tragedy strikes.

For one, high cholesterol levels can lead to a risk of coronary disease. Coronary disease sometimes results in a symptom known as "Angina". Angina is a chest pain that is felt when afflicted with this disease, and has been accurately described by many as feeling a pressure or squeezing directly on their heart.

These high cholesterol symptoms can spread to the jaw, neck, or the arm. In addition to this painful symptom, people with coronary disease sometimes report nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, and heart palpitations. A stroke is another deadly factor associated with a high cholesterol level. There are symptoms that help identify a stroke, but most often, strokes happen with little to no warning.

The sudden onset of numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg, usually associated with the same side of the body, may well be a sign that a stroke is in the onset stage. Also, confusion and difficulty with speaking or understanding others can be a sign that a stroke is imminent. Other warning signs include sudden trouble with the vision, dizziness, lack of balance, and lack of coordination.

Peripheral Vascular Disease is another risk denoted by high cholesterol symptoms. When your blood vessels become narrow or clogged, PVD is in the onset, and blood flow is slowed or stopped within that vessel. Symptoms of this disease include numbness or tingling in the lower extremities, a cold sensation in the lower extremities, or open sores on the lower extremities that don't heal as a normal sore would.

To prevent the onset of these high cholesterol symptoms, your best bet is to get a cholesterol test. This can be done at your local doctor's office with a simple blood test, and can be a seriously important way to ensure that your health is in great shape.

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