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3 Great Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

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There are many great exercises to lose stomach fat out there, but unfortunately they are often neglected by the mass media, which seems more interested in the latest diet fad or weight loss pill than providing good quality information on the best exercises to lose stomach fat.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not enough to just perform exercises to lose stomach fat - they need to be combined with a good solid diet, which will create a "caloric deficit", as you burn off more calories than you consume. It is this caloric deficit which is the real secret to weight loss and being able to lose stomach fat.


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Anyone who tells you that hundreds of crunches are the best exercise to lose stomach fat is, sadly, misinformed. Don't get me wrong, crunches have their place in an exercise routine, and can be fabulous as a toning and tightening exercise, but on their own they are not a good exercise to lose stomach fat.

The best workout to lose stomach fat should ideally come in 3 parts that each work toward the common goal of a great looking mid-section. So, when looking for exercises to lose stomach fat, we need to be looking for a real fat-burning exercise, and then other strength and toning exercises to complement and get a head turning six pack.

Here are 3 great exercises to lose stomach fat

1/ Cardio exercise

This is the important one when it comes to actually burning off the calories and managing to lose the stomach fat. It is this exercise that will shred those pounds from your stomach and reveal the muscles that are hiding underneath...oh they're there alright, trust me, you'll see them soon enough.

The famous Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo used to say that the sculptures he made were hidden inside the marble, and he was simply releasing them. Well, the same applies to you and your six pack...the cardio exercise is your hammer and chisel.

Aerobic exercise will increase your heart rate and help your body to burn fat. The Karvonen formula let's you find out the appropriate heart rate for your age, and the level at which you begin to burn fat (your fat-burning zone). This is roughly what you should be aiming for to really lose stomach fat. You'll find the Karvonen formula as a graph on most pieces of gym equipment like treadmills and cycles.

Running is a great exercise to lose stomach fat as you can perform it pretty much anywhere and for as long as you want. Changing your intensity levels throughout your run will help you push your body to readjust, and are therefore more likely to lose stomach fat.

TIP: Sprinting is highly regarded as one of the best exercises to lose stomach fat and strengthen your abs, and so incorporating short sprints into your running will give you a double whammy to lose stomach fat.

Cardio need not be dull and boring. Other great cardio exercises to lose stomach fat are things like swimming, cycling, aerobics, and fun activities like dancing, basketball, tennis, squash and soccer. Even small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking instead of taking the car, can help you work your heart more and to lose stomach fat.

2/ Strengthening exercise - Involving Weights

You may be thinking - "Why do I need to do weight training to lose stomach fat? I don't want to be a bodybuilder!"

Not to worry, you'll be doing the weight training to a level that is appropriate. You'll look and feel better, but won't become a bodybuilder...unless you want to take it further of course. The reason for using weight training as an exercise to lose stomach fat is that it is a proven fact that the more muscle a person has the faster their body is able to metabolise and process fats. What this means for you is that by strengthening and growing your muscles a little you can significantly boost your body's ability to lose stomach fat, making your life easier, and your body better.

Anyway, let's get on to the exercise.

The Cable Crunch - this is an excellent exercise to lose stomach fat, but ideally you'll need a weights machine at the local gym to perform it. Kneel down in front of the cable machine and hold the handle behind your head with both hands in an under-hand grip. Curl your body forward focusing on working your abdominal muscles. Crunch down on your abs, which you should feel tightening as they pull against the weights on the end of the pulley.

Be sure to use good form and technique, and don't bend your back as you may risk injury. Go to my website to see exactly how to perform this exercise along with 2 more great weight training exercises to loose stomach fat

3/ Toning / Cutting exercise

This is the one that will give your stomach and six pack the chiselled look that turns heads.

Hanging Leg Raises

This is a superb exercise to lose stomach fat and to tighten and "cut", your six pack abs.

Grip the chin up bar with both hands wide apart and hang from it with your feet off the floor. While keeping your legs straight, raise them up towards your chest. Don't bend your knees, as you'll reduce the effect of the exercise.

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When combined with a good healthy diet this will help to give you chiselled rock hard abs.

Diet is so important when trying to lose stomach fat, that it can't be ignored. Statistics show that 99% of people start a diet fail to stick with it, and often end up putting on more weight than they when they started. The average "dieter" starts a new diet every 4 months...can you afford to use the wrong diet plan?

Try this 84-day Meal Plan [] to complement your exercises to lose stomach fat.

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