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How to become physically attractive?

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how to become physically attractive

Now, you are probably not intending to become the most handsome or beautiful person in the world, but there are a few things you can do to improve your physical being.

* Think about your body first. You have to get your body in shape. The best way to go about it is exercise. Go for a jog or at least a brisk walk every morning. This will help you stay fitter and, more importantly, it will give you a clear time to think each morning. The solitary thinking time you get every morning is a veritable perk.

* Eat moderately. Avoid the high carbs and the high calories. Do not gorge on fatty food, however much tempted you might feel. Instead, chomp on those veggies and fresh foods. Instead of red meats, consume more of lean meats. Drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Never fill your stomach to its full capacity.

* Give your body the pampering treatment occasionally. Go for a nice haircut, and do not underestimate the power of those manicures and pedicures as well. Keep your salon appointments going on; they help you feel good about yourself.

* Just before you are starting out with exercise, have a cup of coffee. The caffeine present in it will stimulate you to do more exercise. Also, this combination has been recommended by specialists for optimizing the body’s workouts.

* Listen to music when you are exercising. This makes exercising more pleasurable. You must choose your music wisely. If you choose something that has quick, peppy beats, then your body is going to work out in the same rhythm as well.

* Have a lot of salads. One thing that you should definitely add in your salad is avocado. This enhances the effect of vitamin A in the salad. Vitamin A is abundant in foods such as carrots.

* If you eat something that is high in fat, eat a little yogurt afterward. Yogurt has significant calcium content. The calcium will adhere to the fatty acids and prevent them from getting absorbed in the body.

* Choose your foods wisely. Choose everything that is organic. Stay away from foods that are laden with preservatives and other synthetic chemicals. These are going to harm your body in various ways in the long run and slow down the metabolism.

* Feed your mind with positive thoughts and enriching knowledge. When your mind is enhanced, your body is improved as well. Spend some time in meditation each day. This will give you clarity of thought and you will be able to plan things in a more concise manner.

* Work hard, and then rest hard! Your body needs to find the sense of gratification. It cannot feel contented unless you use it to do constructive work. Then, you must make sure that you get adequate rest. Do this on a daily basis. When you work to your maximum capacity and then rest deservedly, your body gets a particular kind of glow… it sends out a great aura that adds to its appeal.

Do these things consistently. Pay attention to your body and you will see that its attractiveness begins to increase. This is highly important.

When your body becomes attractive, you are automatically ‘in the eyes of people’. People cannot resist looking at you. Your goals of finding someone who finds you attractive are met.