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How to go vegan?

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The first step for any new lifestyle change is to do your research. However, we have already done the heavy-lifting for you. So! You have decided to take the plunge into a vegan way of eating. You have cleared out your home of all animal products and byproducts and filled your home with lots of things according to the food list outlined above.
Now what?
Go Vegan, Not Starvation!
Understand one thing: your body is not supposed to be hungry. If you are giving your body ample amounts of healthy foods filled with nutrients, you will lose weight easily. 4,000 calories of fast food and 4,000 calories of fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes are two completely different things, and your body will lose weight by instilling the latter rather than the former. Do not think that adopting a vegan diet in order to lose weight or help your long term health means going hungry.
Grab a snack if you get hungry in between meals.
Listening To Your Body
Awareness is also a vital part of going vegan. Listening to your body and interpreting what it wants is imperative to being able to give it the nutrients it is longing for on a daily basis. For most people, it is easy to distinguish between when the body is thirsty and when it is hungry. However, for many of those “other people,” it can be hard when the body becomes hungry, but has no particular craving for it. Becoming in-tune with your body and being able to interpret its needs via the brain signals that are being shot throughout your system is vital to becoming a vegan.
Not only that, it is vital to becoming a well-adjusted individual.