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Juicing for Anti Aging and Skin Health

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Aging is a natural part of life. When we’re 13, we can’t wait to grow older. When we hit 53, aging starts to look a bit different. Our skin has begun to sag, we’re fighting wrinkles instead of acne, and our body doesn’t always obey us.
Most of us want to stem the aging process in order to look and feel better. That’s perfectly normal and desirable, especially at a time when we are gaining so much knowledge about the harm we do to ourselves by consuming toxins and generally indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle. Aging is inevitable. The negative side effects of aging are not.

so how to stop the aging process naturally?

Here’s the truth: Our lifestyle contributes much more to our own aging process than Father Time.
While a certain Hollywood contingency has clung to youth with the use of surgery and Botox, many have ended up looking like young trout. Facelifts and injections aren’t the answer to graceful aging.

Reduce the Onset of Aging
Aging has little to do with wrinkles, which are the result of aging, not the cause. Aging, and the related damages, are the logical consequence of cellular damage and the body’s inability to fight these changes with enough antioxidants. We simply use up what we have during our lifetime.
This is where a diet filled with antioxidants comes in. Optimal diet regime and juicing help combat the onset of sagging skin, hair loss, osteoporosis and other signs. It doesn’t stop the aging process, but it can slow down the worse effects and let us enjoy excellent health well into our older years. Juicing, along with a healthy diet, keeps us more vital for a longer period of time.

Anti-Aging Recipes

Below are some recipes that are very useful in providing anti-aging antioxidants.

Glowing Skin Juice
3 carrots
2 apples
1 cup blueberries
1 cup green tea
Roughly chop the carrots and apples.
Place the carrots, apples and blueberries in the juicer and process.
In a glass, combine the juice and the green tea and serve over ice.

Glowing Greens Juice
Bunch of baby spinach
1 small avocado
3 celery stalks
1 cup strawberries
Place ingredients in a juicer and process.

Beauty Elixir
1 cup cranberries
1 cup blueberries
1 tbsp. sesame seeds
1 cup of black tea
Add all ingredients except the sesame seeds to the juicer and process.
Stir the seeds into the juice.

Green Sunshine Juice
Kale leaves
Collard greens
1 cucumber
1 lemon
1-inch grated ginger nob
Process the ingredients in a juicer.
Pour in a glass and sprinkle with cayenne pepper and turmeric.