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Look Better, Feel Better with Functional Fitness

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One thing everyone’s been taught since youth is to always feel good about yourself. Though you may not dwell too much on this idea, it’s actually a life changing mentality that can differentiate an optimist and a pessimist. Thinking positively about yourself is the key to a happier life for anyone’s situation. Before accepting anyone else, accept yourself for who you are.
If you can’t do that, then make yourself the person you want to be and accept that. If you feel negatively about yourself, it’ll be hard to see anyone else positively. Negativity is an awful quality to have but unfortunately, it is more contagious than positivity.

So if you walk around with a hunched back and a grumpy expression all day, it’s highly likely you’re dampening someone else’s morning even if that wasn’t your intention. Rather than being the party pooper, try being the life of the party. Make yourself a more confident and happier person by working on the most important part of your life; yourself.

Functional fitness isn’t that time demanding. All you need to do is honor 15 - 30 minutes of your time. Truth is, most people become self-conscious about their physique at some moment in their life. Maybe it had hit you in high school, your co-workers unintentionally made broad shoulders part of the uniform, or your in-laws pointed it out a little louder than they should’ve. In any case, the idea isn’t to feel bad about yourself, but to feel motivated to do something about it.
With little pushes in the beginning, the results will start slipping into your jeans easier, show under your old sweaters and shirts and make your belts fall. Then, by that time you’ll be able to work harder for stronger results that will truly dazzle your peers.

Though the steps to get there aren’t small, they are possible and not hard to walk. Some great results from functional fitness are heightened strength in your joints and limbs, greater resistance against physical impacts and a better posture. That’s right, with all the work you’re inputting to your joints and limbs, your posture will be heavily impacted. A straighter back, a courageous lift underneath your chin and strong shoulders all come from 15 minutes of functional fitness every day. Isn’t that something worth working for?