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Polycystic Kidneys Cures – Do They Exist?

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Do you have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)? Does someone you know have the disease? If so, you will be acutely aware of the terrible pain and suffering that those afflicted with this life-threatening disease undergo. But is there such a thing as polycystic kidneys cures? Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the disease. There are, however, measures that one can take to help alleviate the suffering brought on by this disease that affects over 7 million people around the world. Before we progress to look at the treatments available to aid those sufferers, we will first take a look at what exactly PKD is and how people get it.

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There are 3 main forms of PKD, 2 of which are genetic and the other which can occur due to the person having long term kidney issues, frequent dialysis or purely as a result of being old. The most common form of PKD, which in fact affects around 90% of people, is known as autosomal dominant PKD. So, this being a genetic disorder, what you might ask is the reasons someone might inherit this form of the disease. To inherit autosomal dominant PKD requires that the abnormal gene is transferred from only 1 parent and so people who have just 1 parent with the abnormal gene would have a 50% chance of inheriting the gene themselves. The other, rarer form affects children (1 in 20,000) and is called autosomal recessive PKD. To inherit this form of the disease, the child must receive the abnormal gene from both parents who also have the gene. This is why this form is much rarer as it is statistically improbable that 2 carriers will become a couple. The child will have a 25% of inheriting the gene in this situation.

So, we know a little about the disease and we know there is unfortunately no such thing as polycystic kidneys cures. However, what treatments can someone have to help alleviate the symptoms? One of the worst symptoms is the abdomen and lower back pain that can be felt, sometimes of which can be very severe. The best advice for this is to take over-the-counter full strength painkillers to help moderate the pain. Another symptom is urinary tract infections which can be stopped with the aid of antibiotics. Also, sufferers are highly recommended to live a healthy a lifestyle as possible to ensure blood pressure is low, as this slows the progress of the disease and can help prolong life.

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