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The Secrets of Diabetes Control

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Living with diabetes can be extremely difficult. Almost everything you do and every part of how your body functions affects your diabetes, often much more than you may realize. For these reasons, good diabetes control demands your active participation on a daily basis. Good diabetes takes more than just taking your medications and visiting your doctor regularly.

Your health care team can help you learn about diabetes, and teach you about making lifestyle changes. They are willing to help you any way possible. The question is, "Are you willing to make the changes to get back to good health?"

The first step many people overlook when they are diagnosed with diabetes is to evaluate their attitude. You must be wiling to accept the fact that you have a chronic disease that when treated casually can devastate your life. You must make up your mind to have a "take charge attitude." Only you can do what's necessary to control your diabetes. Not your doctor, not your friends or family. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. IF you choose not to take active control of your life and your diabetes terrible diabetes complications can arise. The choice is yours.

Left uncontrolled diabetes can be destructive and deadly. Diabetes that is not in good control may result in heart attacks, strokes, blindness, amputations, and kidney failure. That's right, I'll state the gloom and doom clearly-diabetes has serious and sometimes fatal consequences when treated casually.

Diabetes affects every area of your life... career to private and everything in between. The diagnosis of diabetes means many lifestyle changes for you. Changes in the food you eat changes in the medication you take, changes in the times of day you eat, changes in activity, and more. Once you've decided to take active control of your diabetes, the next step is to learn all you can about how diabetes affects you and the changes you need to make to control diabetes. IF you don't understand what is happening within your body, it will be hard to make the right choices to improve your control. Read, study, learn, and ask questions.

With proper training, education, and application of that knowledge, you can live a healthy and productive life. Remember, don't expect complete control immediately. It will take time. It is your life, the quality of your life depends heavily on the time, and commitment you are willing to give to control your diabetes. Take control today for a better tomorrow.

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