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What Causes Reactive Hypoglycemia and What Can You Do

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Reactive hypoglycemia is when blood glucose levels drop substantially within about an hour to 3 hours after eating carbohydrates like white rice, bread, cereal and simple sugars. Basically it's a spike in blood sugar leading to an overproduction of insulin. This leads to dizziness, feelings that you may faint, heart palpitations, tremors and the list goes on. Yuck! The times that an episode strike can vary drastically based on the person. For some, it can be within an hour after eating, and others 2 hours after eating.

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So what are the causes of this disorder? Well, honestly the exact causes are still unknown really. However, sensitivity to epinephrine, a hormone that is released by a person during times of stress is one cause. Issues with glucagon production are another cause; if enough glucagon, which raises glucose, is not being produced, reactive hypoglycemia can be an issue. Other causes include enzyme deficiencies and gastric surgeries which can lead to food passing to quickly through the digestive tract.

Now, the question of questions, how do you beat, or minimize the effects of RA? Well, if you talk to 100 different people you will get 100 different but similar answers, well maybe on the similar part. Anyway, I've done lots of research and have learned lots of things about myself and how to control my reactive hypoglycemia by trial and error. I can honestly say that by using my method, I have beaten reactive hypoglycemia. I workout and for the most part do what I want without any problems from reactive hypoglycemia.

And how have I beaten RA, well I don't claim to be a doctor or an expert, therefore my advice can't be taken as medical advice, having said that, this information I am giving has helped me, but can't be used as a replacement for what your doctors tell you to do. Okay?

Great, now that that is out of the way! What do I do for my RA? Well, it all starts with diet!... and I am very strict with mine. I do not eat any sugars. I don't drink cokes. I don't eat refined foods. I don't eat simple carbohydrates. My goal is this, keep my blood sugar stable!... I do not eat anything that will spike my blood sugar!


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So, what do I eat? I eat oatmeal, sweet potatoes, egg whites, fish, chicken, meat, cheese, dark chocolate, vegetables and combinations of foods that will keep my blood sugar from spiking. For example, since you are probably thinking, oh what a boring diet. I eat an apple with peanut butter. I eat whole grain pancakes with peanut butter and as time goes on, I add to my list of really good treats that I can eat! For example, dark chocolate, roast beef on 100% whole grain pumpernickel bread!

The only way to beat this disorder is to make lifestyle changes and be proactive about your health. Be conscience of the foods you choose to eat. Do your research. Look at labels on food and most importantly keep a positive attitude and be hopeful! You will beat this!

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