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What do kettlebells do for your body?

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If there's anything I'm passionate about it's the Kettlebell Advantage. Now there's lots of other strength and conditioning tools which offer some of these benefits - barbells, dumbbells, sandbags even Indian Clubs all flash to mind. In my opinion none of them, however, can offer ALL these benefits. Which the Kettlebell certainly does! The best part? This is only a partial list.

I'm sure it's more than enough to get most people concerned with health, strength and fitness's interest!
Kettlebell Training Develops Functional Fitness. Training with Kettlebells will quickly build your strength and conditioning over your entire body, in a way that carries over into all areas of normal life. Your joints and ligaments will become stronger along with your larger muscles. This is something you won't see with machine training and only see to a much smaller degree with barbell and dumbbell training. What you develop through training with Kettlebells is the real deal and not "show" muscles in any way, shape or form.

You Can Train with Kettlebells Nearly Anywhere. Most of only need two Kettlebells to do a complete full body workout. These can easily fit in a closet, under a bed or in the trunk of a car. No need for big spaces being taken up by a massive amount of gym equipment. You can train with your kettlebells quite easily in a living room, bedroom, backyard or basement. Really just about anywhere. Try doing that with machines or barbells.

Kettlebells offer a Vast Amount of Training Options. There's more Kettlebell exercises than this Guide could fit. You don't NEED to do a large number of different Kettlebell movements to get into great shape, but should you want to the sky is quite literally the limit.

Getting Setup with Kettlebells is Very Inexpensive. With two Kettlebells you have enough equipment to get yourself into top shape. Their prices are dropping everyday. This investment compared to a gym membership, a homework out machine or a full weight set is insignificant. Also they last forever. I've never seen anyone break a Kettlebell even with extreme abuse.

Kettlebells offer Cardio Benefits as Well. Don't feel like running or riding the bike? Do high rep sets of Kettlebell swings and watch your heart rate sore. Many Kettlebell athletes leave behind cardio of other kinds entirely and burn fat quicker than ever.

Kettlebell Training Builds a Powerful Core. Every heavy or high rep standing Kettlebell exercise you do builds core strength much more efficiently than any situp or crunch. Are you ready to get visible abs without ever even laying on your back in training once?

Kettlebell Movements Create Awesome Power. This is especially cool for those of us who play other impact sports, practice martial arts or box. No other means of training builds power so quickly or by such great means as the Kettlebell. The Kettlebell snatch and clean and press are like magic for building real earth shattering power. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the benefits the Ketttlebell Advantage offers. Are you ready to explore exciting new fitness horizons? I hope so!