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What does wholistic mean?

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Since traditional definitions of sickness are too restricted to the physical and
biochemical realms, it is not a surprise that a lot of modern people can't get the relief that
they desire from psychopharmaceutical drugs and chemical based medicine in general.
In fact when you look at the top 10 medications prescribed in the United States and
Western Europe, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and anti-hypertensive medications are
almost always in the top 5 or top 10. You can bank on them being present year after year.
There's something wrong here. Even though we have been bombarding these illnesses
with a wide range of chemical cocktails over the years, we're still sicker and sicker and
we pay more and more money and there seems to be no solution in sight.

You are more than your physical parts
A lot of this existential angst and its matching physical symptoms is due to the fact that
people are more than their physical parts. They're not just a collection of blood pressure
readings, blood sugar levels, uric acid tests scores and a wide range of biochemical
All of these may come out clean and fall well within “normal range”. But that doesn't
mean that people will stop feeling lousy, stressed and suffering from “brain fog”. This is
due to the fact that if people want to get well and step away from just choosing to
survive, but to actually live fully, they have to look at their complete being in
“wholistic” terms.

What does “wholistic” mean?

Just as your mind is composed of more than your brain,
your life and overall health is composed of more than just your body. We're not even
talking about the additional dimensions of psychological and emotional health.
We're also talking about how you get along with other people, how you look at yourself
in the grand scheme of things, what your sense of personal meaning and purpose are,
what you choose to eat, how you construct your day, what kind of environments you
find yourself in.
In other words, we go beyond the physical. We escape the narrow confines of the
biochemical foundation of your life. While biochemistry and your physical body are
absolutely important, they are not the complete picture. Far from it.
Rediscovering the power of the whole person

When we start looking at people as more that just what we can see, we will start making
progress as to actual effective treatment. Whatever it is you are suffering from, whatever
physical manifestations of stress or a lack of purpose may be hounding you, whatever
aches and pains you may experience, all of these can be addressed with a wholistic