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What is the difference between organic and natural foods?

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Over the years there has been confusion concerning natural and organic foods. Today we will talk about how these two differ from each other. Many people cannot differentiate natural foods from organic, maybe because of how it is labeled and marketed. However, if we study deeper, there is in fact a major distinction between the two.

Know The Facts
Organic food is defined as all foods that are grown in the absence of pesticides, fertilizers, irradiation, growth hormones, antibiotics and genetic engineering. Furthermore, it is the product of organic farming where the system used in growing foods enhances biodiversity, soil biological activity and biological cycles. Natural foods on the other hand are the foods that are prepared with little or no preservatives as well as chemical additives that are usually present in other processed products.
While it is true that organic foods will lessen the chemicals and pesticides that you get from chemically processed foods, it doesn’t mean that you get more health benefits out of it because even non-organic foods are still within safety levels and therefore organic foods are not necessarily more nutritious. The reason why other people choose organic foods over traditional is because it tastes better, but in terms of health, there is not much of a difference.
Furthermore, whether or not the food is organic, the chance of bacterial contamination in food is still uncontrollable. On the other hand, there are other benefits of natural and organic foods which basically include better taste as it has better firmness and texture.