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What Should You Eat to Cure Renal Failure

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No ailment is incurable if you have the will and diligence to stick to the prescribed schedule of food and medicines. This attitude holds good even for grave illnesses like renal failure.

As such this is a painful condition; but, you can hope to mitigate the agony associated with it by following a strict regimen of food. Let us try to analyze the things to include in your platter to fight effectively against this ailment and get relief soon.
Basically, you need to include items that are easily digestible, such as light soups and juices. Remember that the waste removal system in your body is not in a good condition and hence you cannot afford to put undue strain on it.

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As far as possible, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by including light exercises and easy-to-digest food items that are fresh and hygienic. Some popular items recommended for such patients are:

• Breads, grains, vegetables and fruits to provide the essential minerals, fibers and valuable vitamins for their body.

• Desserts rich in calories but bereft of nuts, bananas or chocolate. Sometimes, sugar and jelly can also be given but not if they suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure.

• Items prepared in oils like olive or safflower so that there is no undesirable weight gain that can cause strain on the arteries or trigger heart problems.

• A protein-rich menu (but at an optimum level) if they are undergoing dialysis to help their body regain vitality so that the replacement process of tissues happens in a hassle-free manner.

• Calcium supplements or other sources that are low in fat content.

• Cereals, liver, kidney beans, etc. to supply iron.

• Homemade menu

Apart from these general tips to control renal failure, there are some other guidelines for patients suffering from this painful condition. They are:

• Avoid high intake of salt and phosphorus

• Stay away from items that are most likely to induce weight gain

• Look for any signs of fluid collection in their body, especially between the various sessions of dialysis

• Consult a registered medical practitioner or dietician to chalk out a viable plan of action to combat and overcome the trauma associated with this condition


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They will be able to guide you aptly regarding the amount of nutrients your body needs and the safe ways to include them in your food menu. In this way, you can solve your many diet related problems.

Like many dreaded ailments, professional help from a seasoned dietician can help you in formulating a suitable diet to heal kidney disease effectively. This diet plan should be well-balanced and at the same time include healthier items to help your kidneys in recovering properly.

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