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Burn Belly Fat While Balancing Blood Sugar – Why It’s Assumed to Be So Tough

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I decided to do some research on Losing Weight and it's connection to Blood Sugar. Boy was I disappointed! Talk about coming up Short! So HOW are you supposed to Lose Weight? Seems all the "experts" disagree. Guess you're reading this to hear my opinion. Except, it's NOT just an opinion! It's my EXPERIENCE!

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But first let me save you some time and tell you a little about what's out there. I looked up 3 categories:

1. Losing Weight Fast. And 17 more articles and blogs on the subject. And on and on. ALL pertained to EXERCISE! Then I looked up Weight and Inch Loss and here's what I found.

2. What Foods to Eat. And that included Pills and Drinks. And on and on. ALL 23 Articles and blogs pertained to DIETARY and LIFESTYLE CHANGES! Then becoming really curious, I checked out Type I and Type II Diabetes results.

3. Typical information about Blood Sugar Levels and Drugs, etc. In 22 articles and blogs, NOT ONE of these gave any answers that would benefit the Majority of People seeking information for Losing Weight Fast while Balancing Blood Sugar!

NOWHERE did anyone make a connection. Until NOW. Because there IS a connection: I'm Living Proof!

Here' s a VERY short biography of my medical history that will explain what Losing Weight and Balancing Blood Sugar have in common.

Teri's Story
* I Fought Cancer For 15 Years. Ultimately Beating 4th stage Liver Cancer By the Age of 33.

* I Allowed my Emotions Free Reign and Had a Heart Attack in 2005 at the Age of 61.

* I Was Told I Had Type II Diabetes Caused By the Stress Of Two Pulmonary Embolisms From An Injury in 2009.

* I Put On Belly Fat As A Result of the "Diabetic Diet"! Oh Yes! Despite Daily Exercise I Continued to 'Grow' Around the Middle! NOTHING I did helped me lose weight. And I was on Meds to control my Blood Sugar.


* Your Blood Sugar Can Stay Balanced!

* You Can Have More Energy Than You Did 10 Years Ago.

* You can Gain That Energy NATURALLY While Losing Weight!

* Stop Constantly Paying Doctors!

* You Can Function Well With Less Hours of Sleep.

* And, ALL that Nasty Indigestion Could Be GONE!

* You Can Stop Craving Sweets and Food In General.

* Doctors Tell diabetics losing weight will help bring down their blood sugar. Most people Don't believe them!

* Do You Know What ZERO Calorie Beverage Stimulates Fat Deposits? "Drink THIS and gain weight" (You Probably Already DO!) Regular COFFEE! The number one rule of weight loss clinics is "stop drinking Coffee!"

The Point of this article? To get you to realize you CAN Balance and Control your Blood Sugar much more easily if you Lose Weight.

Teri Oles is a retired Naturopathic Physician who has gone to EXTREMES to keep her health. She has tried "it all". When faced with a 20# weight gain from the "diabetic diet" she was given by doctors. She had to find One More Answer and she Did! []

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