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Fight Diabetes and Slim Down With Vitamin C

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Avoiding Diabetes With More Vitamin C

Can consuming fresh grapefruit today help ward off diabetes in the future? Possibly, and it is all because of Vitamin C.

Researchers recently published a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine looked for a correlation between vitamin C levels in a subjects blood verses their likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. The study evaluated 21,831 participants who began the study as non-diabetics over the 12 year study period.

What researchers discovered was that those having the highest vitamin C levels had a 62% less chance of developing diabetes when compared to the subjects with the lowest vitamin C levels.

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Slim Down with Vitamin C

But, there is a little more motivation to make sure you are consuming enough of this powerful antioxidant: It actually helps you burn more fat.

The prestigious Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism recently published research that had measured fat burning abilities in two group of subjects: 1.) Adequate Levels of Vitamin C, 2.) Vitamin C Deficient subjects. The study discovered that when the people with low vitamin C concentrations walked on a treadmill they burned 25% less fat than the group with adequate Vitamin C levels.

The main reason this is true is because vitamin C is essential in creating carnitine the substance your body uses to turn fat into energy.

Most of us don't consume nearly enough of the foods that are the best sources of vitamin C. You want to try and consume around 1,200 mg a day. To achieve this try and fill your meals with plenty of citrus fruits, strawberries, peppers, and broccoli; this should help you achieve the proper levels, but it is OK to add in a high quality multivitamin.

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