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Fight Diabetes With Vitamins

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Diabetes is generally referred as a "silent killer" disease. The symptoms of diabetes are not so very conspicuous in the beginning, so the suffers get to know about it generally at later stage. The major symptom of the disease is lack of proper regulation of blood sugar level, which is the root cause of other problem in the body of diabetic patient. Therefore, diabetes needs to be under consideration since the early stage.

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There are many natural remedies for diabetes available, but the most effective of all are treatment with the help of vitamins and minerals. The diabetes is not a fatal disease, but the person suffering from the disease meets such complications that their really becomes difficult. The diet of a person plays a vital role in the control of level and symptoms of diabetes. The right types of vitamins intake by the affected person helps in along way to combat with the diabetes. The vitamins like, A, B, C and E are very helpful for diabetic patients, as they have major role to play in the regulation of blood sugar level.

The role of Vitamin C in diabetic patient is that is prevents the conversion of sugar into sorbitol. Sorbitol is a type of sugar in alcohol form and increase in the level of sorbitol might give rise to consequences like, kidney and nerve damages. The chief sources of Vitamin C are green vegetables and fresh fruits. It is of immense help for the diabetic patient and daily intake is advisable.

B Complex Vitamins like, Niacin, Folic acid, Thiamin, Pyridoxine has a vital role to play in the conversion of starch and sugar into energy. Therefore, the deficiency of B vitamins leads to increase in sugar level in body, which could lead to dangerous consequences in diabetic patients. The food items rich in B Vitamins much be ensured such as, green leafy vegetables, fruits, wholegrain, dairy products and nuts.

Adequate amounts of Vitamin E allow the body to tolerate glucose more.
Vitamin E could save the patient from heart complications. Heart diseases are very likely to develop on people with diabetes. Vitamin E helps in clearing the fats that blocks the bloodstream.

Vitamin C is the vitamin that can save cells from dying.
Diabetes doesn't really cause death. What brings rise to a severed medical condition are the complications of the disease. The role of Vitamin C for diabetes patients is to prevent cells from converting sugar into sorbitol, which is another type of sugar but in alcohol form. The build-up of sorbitol in the body could lead to kidney and nerve damages.

The vitamins have great role to play in the management of the disease and maintenance of the blood sugar level. However, it is important to consult the doctor, who would advise the amount the frequency of foods rich in B vitamins and Vitamin C as per the body mass index and type of diabetes. The doctor keeps a check on food consumption and weight of the patient that helps in better regulation of disease. One must keep a check on the daily intake of required vitamins along with the prescribed medicine, which helps the patient in fast and finally full recovery from diabetes.

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