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 Four Reasons You Have Trouble Lowering Your Blood Sugar

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Being a type 2 diabetic, what does that mean to you? It may mean being on medications to control your blood sugar. Most individuals with type 2 diabetes have a hard time lowering your blood sugar without taking their medication. Would you agree?

Here are four reasons why type 2 diabetics have difficulty lowering their blood sugar without medication:

1. Not committed to lowering blood sugar.

- I know type 2 diabetics are committed to taking their medications on schedule, but I am talking about lifestyle commitment. In order to have a commitment to lower your blood sugar, you need to have a change in mindset. Your mindset is the key factor it getting your blood sugar lowered without taking your medication. Changing your mindset can start with saying this to yourself each day and taking action on it: " Today, the key to taming my type 2 diabetes naturally is_____________." Small step or "keys" work best. No need to go cold turkey.

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2. You do not exercise at all( or enough)

- I am, of course, an advocate of exercise for type 2 diabetics because research has proven time and time again that exercising is great for keeping blood sugar from elevating. If you currently exercise, great! How often? Do you think you could go for a 15-20 minute walk everyday instead of 3 days a week? If you are not exercising, then can you start with walking for 10 minutes 3-4 days per week?

3. You eat the wrong type of fruits and vegetables

- You should already now that all fruits and vegetables are not created equal when you have type 2 diabetes. For example, eating things like fruit cups that are drowning in sugary syrup does not equal to you eating fruit. Even eating kids's cereal that claim to be made with real fruit is not an acceptable source of fruits either. Eating all natural fresh low glycemic index fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, cherries, etc is A LOT better option.

Vegetables that are frozen in sauces, not so good. Even things like "veggie chips" are deep fried, highly processed and contain no healthy benefit. Stick with plain frozen veggies, skip the sauce. No more "veggie chips". This includes chips. They are fired potatoes you know.

4. You are eating the wrong type of carbohydrates

- Simple carbohydrates are not what you need to eat if you have plans on lowering your blood sugar with out medication. Simple carbohydrates like white bread, candy, white pasta, etc. enter your blood stream too quickly causes the spike in your blood glucose. Stick to whole wheat/whole grain products. These types of food sources absorb much slower.

Now you know the four reasons you are not lowering your blood sugar without medications. Remember, it starts with mindset. If you can do reason number one, then you should have no problem tackling the rest.

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