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How to reduce potassium

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Several people may not want to completely dispense with foods that contain potassium, so it is very important to mention how to get potassium-free foods from foods that contain potassium, is by filtering vegetables.

This process of filtering vegetables is one of the best cooking methods that help to making some foods that contain high levels of potassium safer for the individual to eat,
but you must consult specialist doctor before doing that, so in order to preserve the health of the affected individual as much as possible. .

How to cook by filtering vegetables:

Wash vegetables using cold water.
Peel it and then cut it into thin slices, and then wash it with warm water.
Add warm, unsalted water to a saucepan or bowl.
Soak the vegetables for at least two hours in it.
Remove the vegetables, and then rinse them with warm water.
Boil it with unsalted water.
Make sure to drain the cooking water, after completing the previous steps, because this is the place or part where the leaking potassium collects.