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How to use a Kettlebell?

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There are three major ways in which you can use kettlebells when working out. These include:

1 Warm-ups
Kettlebells are the best tools to avoid imbalances and injuries. This is mainly because they will warm up your body by simply restoring healthy movement patterns in your body.
However, if you are not ready to start integrating kettlebells in your workout program, at least start using them little by little to enhance your mobility. This will help you get in position so that you can perform regular exercise movements safely. So when you lift heavier, your body can handle it and you can maintain the technique.
Even though the kettlebells are much lighter than you think or what you are used to, they offer you adequate feedback to challenge yourself and engage your nervous system. This means that the communication between the body and the brain is enhanced and this boosts a more responsive system to what you are asking it to do.
The trick here is to first master the goblet squats before you can proceed to back squats by simply holding the lower position for a couple of seconds before opening up the hips. You can also try doing the light one-arm overhead presses before progressing to military presses so that your shoulders stay warm. Alternatively, you can use choose to use the chest-loaded swings to make your hips ready for kettlebell deadlifts.

2 Doing Full Body Workouts
All that you need for a great workout is to ensure that you are working all the major and minor muscles of your body. With kettlebells, you can achieve this using squats, hinge, pull and push techniques. Once you cover these movement patterns, you are good to go.

3 Set A Circuit
When it comes to swings and getups, you will get your heart rate up the same way you would in a cardio machine. The most important thing with the kettlebell is that you can do more to re-enforce good mechanics. The other bright side is that while you exercise, you are challenging yourself to be better while having so much fun. The trick here is to build a circuit with kettlebells before you progress to heavy weight-training sessions.