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The A1C Test – What Does It Tell Diabetics?

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According to the Mayo Clinic, The A1c test is a common blood test used to diagnose Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes...and gauge how well you are managing your diabetes.

This test shows your average blood sugar for a period of 2-3 months. It tells your health care provider how much of your blood protein-hemoglobin-is glycated or coated with sugar.

If you have been diagnosed as being diabetic or pre-diabetic, you have a high risk of complications when the A1c is high.

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A little more than a year ago my wife Margie was tested and discovered that her A1c test was 6.8. Her doctor said she was pre-diabetic...since 7.0 was the threshold for diabetes. Today this is no longer the case. Let me explain...

· A year ago 7.0 was the threshold, but medical science-in its wisdom-lowered the threshold to 6.5! This means millions of more people could be put on drugs.

· But in Margie's case it didn't matter, her most recent A1c test was 5.6.

· How close can you get-and what miracle transpired for her blood sugar to take such a dramatic drop?

In Margie's case it basically took two things:

1. A whole lot of prayers from family and friends, and

2. A dramatic change in her lifestyle

You see-no way was this tough old gal going to subject herself to drugs and insulin shots.Here's what she did-with Divine Guidance-to beat back the threat of being another statistic.

1. She researched her condition on the internet and learned that sugars and starches (carbohydrates) were the source of the sugar in her blood. This meant cutting out the "white foods:" sugar, potatoes, rice and most grains (bread, cakes, pies, etc.).

2. She learned that too many diabetics are "couch potatoes," so she joined a local gym. Even moderate exercise can pay dividends.

Well here we are some 14-15 months after getting that heart-stopping diagnosis. Margie is maintaining her low blood sugar without having taken a single drug or insulin shot. But there has been one side-effect we are dealing with-she lost over 60 pounds and she is keeping it off. She gave away her "fat clothes." Her dress size went from size 18 to size 8-and she can fit into some size 6s.

We-family, friends and co-workers-are amazed at the transition. And if this "seasoned citizen" can do it-so can you!

You will want more information so please visit my blog: []. I have several useful articles and lessons posted covering adult and childhood diabetes. I'll also direct you to a written plan that almost duplicates everything Margie did to reverse her diabetes.

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