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Reverse Insulin Resistance to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

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Type 2 diabetes starts with a process called insulin resistance. As noted in my previous article, this is a condition where the receptors in the wrapper around every cell become more and more sluggish, less and less sensitive to the effect of insulin binding to these receptors. When the receptors don't work, one of major messages of insulin does not get heard. This message is:"open up a channel in the cell membrane and let glucose into the cell to produce energy". If this does not work, blood sugar remains elevated and eventually you get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

To reverse insulin resistance, and therefore, reverse diabetes naturally, you must be aware of what you stick in your mouth and its effect on your insulin system.

Insulin resistance and it's evil twin, type 2 diabetes is a nutritional disease for the most part.

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So, what are the nutritional therapies to reverse insulin resistance?

They center around carbohydrates and fats. In the 15 years that I have been seeing clients and patients, I have never once seen a person develop insulin resistance diabetes because of too much or too little protein by itself. The combination of quality protein and carbohydrate type and amounts are key.

What do you need to know about fats?

For starters, they are essential for you to be healthy, but the fats have to be healthy. Man made, manufactured fats that allow the packaged food to remain on the grocery shelf with out spoiling will get incorporated into your cell membranes and completely screw up insulin physiology.

So message number one is don't eat packaged food. It's not really food anyway.

Message number two is eat healthy fats like olive oil, nut and avocado oil, fish oil, coconut and flax oils. Avoid any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats like your life depends on it. It does!

The toughest place to avoid bad fats is in the premade salad dressing industry and the condiment industry. If you follow message one you are already not part of the 65 billion dollar packaged snack industry. And your body thanks you!

My suggestion: make your own salad dressing, mayo and bbq sauce using good fats. It's not that hard to do.

Message number three is to be mindful of what kind of carb you are eating. Not all carbs have the same effect on your body. There are many divisions of carbs. I like slow acting vs. fast acting. Or, fibrous vs. non fibrous. The key point here is how quickly does the carb exit your digestive tract and enter the blood stream? The quicker this happens, the more you are at risk for developing insulin resistance.

Think of it like this: an orange(fast acting, not very fibrous) will produce a fast spike in your blood sugar when eaten by itself. If you eat a steak with that orange, the spike is considerably blunted.

So, how to slow down the rush of glucose? It is generally in 2 areas.

One: know what the fast acting carbs are. They are fruits, grains, and underground root vegetables(like potatoes).

Two: Combine fast acting carbs with the same size portion of protein and fat.

Two and a half: Absolutely avoid fruit juices or pop. That is a huge rush of fructose/glucose into your blood stream.

Don't eat more corn on the cob and baked potato(fast acting carbs) than your steak. Don't eat more hash browns than your eggs.

You can have more brocoli(a fibrous carb) than your fish, more asparagus than your chicken breast.

Get it?

By combining foods in this fashion, you have a double pronged strategy for reversing insulin resistance. Yes, you will slow down the rush of glucose into your bloodstream by the fast acting carb. But just as important, you stimulate the hormone glucagon which responds to protein being eaten. Glucagon is opposite in action as insulin and it balances the actions of insulin, to keep your blood sugar from fluctuating wildly.

If you have read any of my other articles, you know that too high of insulin levels form the foundation of most major disease problems in America today. To reverse insulin resistance so you can reverse type 2 diabetes naturally, you must be aware of how these foods affect you. Every time you eat, you have a chance to put yourself in a zone that improves your energy, promotes weight loss, and sends you down a path away from the chronic diseases that ravage people's lives.

There are other strategies to reverse insulin resistance, that do not involve your relationship with food.

In my next article, I will go over these additional therapies that are quite useful to reverse insulin resistance.

To your health!

Dr. Terry

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