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What is the best diet for chronic kidney disease?

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In this article you find the best diet for dialysis patients? that contains (breakfast - lunch - dinner) and there are items that should be reduced and avoided, and you can switch between items so that you do not feel bored and lose appetite

1- Breakfast for dialysis patients

– ½ cup of tea

  • 1 egg or a piece of cheese in the size of a matchbox without salt
  • 2 pieces of toast
    One piece of fruit from the allowed fruit
    and honey
    Or homemade jam

2- Lunch for dialysis patients

  • A piece of medium-sized meat or the eighth of a chicken
  • The amount of cooked vegetables is equivalent to half a medium-sized cup
  • ½ cup medium size rice or pasta مك
  • 1 piece toast
  • One fruit or dessert 100g

3- Dinner for dialysis patients

  • Yogurt or a piece of meat 100g
  • Cooked vegetables about ½ cup medium size
    – ½ cup rice or ½ cup pasta
  • One apple or Peache

Foods that are good for dialysis patients?
1- Fruits and vegetables that are low in potassium:
Apples, berries, peaches, watermelon, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, garlic, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli should be eaten with limits and caution.

2- Foods low in phosphorous:
Lemon, pasta, yellow corn, and beans
Cranberry juice should be consumed in limited quantities.

Foods that are not good for dialysis patients?

  • Canned or salted fish and meat
  • Potato Chips
  • pickles
  • Dried fruits and salted nuts
  • Vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, and beets
  • White beans
  • salty biscuits
  • Apricots, bananas, cantaloupe, dates, oranges
  • Carbonated water