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What You Need To Know About A Raw Diet

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For many years diet programs have evolved. A few of the most popular diets are the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, Vegetarian Diet, South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet and Raw Food Diet. In this article we will talk about the Raw diet.

The Raw Diet
The way raw diet enthusiasts describe this regime is “it’s like a magical potion handed in a salad plate”. This is because its effect is delightful, it makes people feel like they don’t age, and rather they grow younger. More than this, they feet that they have so much energy to do things because they feel light and teeming.

Generally, a raw diet is distinguished by food that has been heated to a certain level, normally around 104 to 115 degrees. The reason for this is that when the food is heated elaborately, the enzymes will be destroyed and when they’re destroyed, we will not be able to get all the essential benefits that our body needs.
However, there are disputes to this claim and they are telling us that while it is true that cooking destroys the enzymes, eating raw food will not give much of a benefit. This is because as soon as the food reaches the acidic nature of the stomach, the enzymes will also be destroyed. Thus, the same thing occurs in whichever process you prepare the food. Having said that, the real reason why the raw diet is perceived as an effective method in maintaining a healthy weight and body is that it’s a plant-based diet which is known in helping us to move in a healthier path.
Most of the raw diet enthusiasts are vegan because it is 70 to 80 percent plant-based diet. Basically, when you go for a raw diet, you should be ready to eat fresh fruits and vegetables all the time as well as other raw products such as unpasteurized milk, raw meat and the like.
On the subject of losing weight, raw diets can deliver great results as long as the rules are being followed. The general rule is to eat smaller amount of calories in order to weigh less. But the final question is, while this has several benefits, will there be a health risk that goes with the raw diet? The answer is yes! When you are practicing the raw diet, you have to avoid food poisoning as it is common when food is uncooked.