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Hyperuricemia, Gout and Kidney Failure

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Kidney disease and gout are inter-related illnesses and both of them begin with the problem of hyperuricemia or high uric acid level in the blood. Very rarely it is genetically inherited, most of the time it is rooted from your diet over the years.

Long term consumption of high calories and high protein meaty foods can cause uric acid build up in the body which eventually leads to hyperuricemia. Your kidneys have to work extra hard to get rid of the excess acid in the blood in order to maintain your blood pH and healthy level. Large amount of water is needed to flush out the high volume uric acid through urine.

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Problem arises when you do not drink enough water (soft drinks are not considered as water) and the urine in the kidney tubules becomes thicker and very concentrated. Since uric acid has very low solubility, it is much easier for it to crystallize and forms tiny urate crystals which grow larger and larger over time until it block some of the fine tubules in the kidneys. This reduces the kidneys ability to get rid of the uric acid and leads to more uric acid built up in the bloodstream. The vicious cycle begins.

This forces the body to find some alternative routes to hide away the uric acid from the bloodstream. One of its favourite 'disposal sites' is the synovial fluid within the joints. When the concentration of the nasty acids reaches the saturation point, crystallization happens and produces tiny needle-like urate crystals in the joints. Urate crystal is identified as foreign substance by your body immune system and this triggers a series of immune reactions that lead to the gouty inflammation and pains that you are suffering now.

What makes the situation worse is that those pain killers you have been taking to rectify the awful gout pain over the years only add up more burdens to the kidneys and destroy it further. The vicious cycle has already begun, you must do something to stop it or at least reverse it before it takes away your kidneys and eventually... your life.

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Studies show that urine with higher pH (towards alkaline) can effectively increase the solubility of uric acid as much as 100 times. This will definitely prevent the formation of urate crystals in the urine passages and in some cases, it can even dissolve away the existing kidney stones. Increasing the alkalinity in your body might not be an instant solution to your hyperuricemia related kidney problems, but it is definitely a long term solution that can take away your gout problem once and for all.

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