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Why You Should Avoid Caffeine When You Have Diabetes

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Diabetes is a destructive and potentially fatal disease that afflicts both young and old. Type 2 diabetes; the most common form of diabetes, occurs when our bodies fail to properly absorb the insulin that the pancreas secretes in response to rising blood sugar levels. This results in wide fluctuations in blood sugar which can be hard on your body's organs and cause a multitude of other health problems. Learn to eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid things such as alcohol, smoking and caffeine and diabetes can be effectively controlled.

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Diabetes and caffeine consumption has long been an area of intense research worldwide. While some studies say that caffeine can help prevent diabetes the vast majority of studies indicate that avoiding caffeine when diabetic is a good idea. This is because caffeine can interfere with the body's ability to absorbed insulin leading to higher levels of glucose and insulin in a diabetic's body.

Keeping blood sugar down is the goal for anyone with diabetes, and caffeine can make this more difficult to do. It is thought that caffeine produces a toxic substance called alloxin in our bodies that can poison the cells that produces insulin. In laboratory rats the substance alloxin is used to kill off their ability to produce insulin for research in diabetes. It is thought that this can set up the right conditions for diabetes or make existing diabetes worse.

This same alloxin, present in our caffeine is what is called a free radical generator and has been implicated in damaging the pancreas and pancreatic cancer. For those with diabetes this chemical can aggravate your body's ability to both produce and absorb insulin, either of which can cause the dangerous highs and lows to your blood sugar.

Because caffeine is also a stimulant it releases the hormone adrenaline which is also a cue to raise blood sugar levels, add your favorite sweetener to your caffeine and you have an even more dangerous combination.

Diabetes and caffeine consumption is best avoided, since caffeine as far more potential for harm than good for diabetics. Caffeine will make it difficult for you to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day and since this is the goal for anyone with diabetes you would be better off learning to do without that cup of coffee every morning.

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I am not a doctor and before undertaking any diet or fitness regime you should always consult your physician.

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