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Are Acai Berries Safe For Diabetics

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Coming from a family with a history of diabetes (it claimed the life of my grandmother while she was only in her 60's), I find it necessary to check my food intake and the ingredients of supplements I would want to take. With little concrete data pointing out the true cause of diabetes, I have to exercise vigilance in choosing products to consume.

The medical research available shows that diabetes is mainly thought to be derived from a combination of two factors - genetics and chemical imbalance. While I can do nothing about my genetic heritage, I could do much to maintain chemical equilibrium through my diet.

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What is the biggest contributor to diabetes?

The Acai berry, one of the "superfoods" of renowned nutritionist Dr. Perricone, has developed international recognition because of its long list of health benefits, which include cancer prevention, anti-aging effects, and sustained weight loss.

What makes this particular miracle fruit ideal for diabetics is that the Acai berry has a very low glycemic index. In general, foods or supplements that possess a low glycemic index contribute to a slow release of blood sugar and insulin in your system, which diabetics know is very important to manage. Even among non-diabetics, a low glycemic index diet allows your body to release energy more gradually, avoiding energy surges and crashes that come with high sugar consumption.

Acai berries also help diabetics by cleansing their digestive tracts, helping them maintain relative balance and absorb nutrients properly, which will strengthen their bodies against the debilitating effects of the disease.

Lastly, Acai berries improve one's metabolic rate and energy levels, allowing diabetics to combat one of the biggest culprits of diabetes complications - obesity. Through proper Acai consumption, I am confident that diabetics will enjoy a higher quality of life, and those that have to worry about it, like me, can live with greater confidence that we will not become afflicted.

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