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Diabetes Control Diet Gives High Hope to a Permanent Cure

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Does anyone want to be diabetic? Obviously not. Diabetes Control diet or sometimes referred as Diabetes preventive diet is a diet of choice for people with greater risks of acquiring one. If diabetes runs in the family, or you are overweight, then your risk of getting the disease is higher compared to others. Once diabetes, IS NOT always diabetes. There is a grain of truth to this statement. You best believe that diabetes can be managed to eradication with discipline and great motivation. One can never get away with diabetes without changing the dietary intake however.

Physicians always advocate a diabetes control diet. Diabetes control diet may need not be boring and tasteless. Thus help from nutritionist and dietitian for weight control and menu planning is a requirement to make your food choices a lot easier to control.

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Things to know about diabetes and diet...

Diabetes Mellitus is becoming more common nowadays. Blame it to the fast paced life, fast food chains and physical inactivity. The combination of the three can be deadly. Diabetes Mellitus is a serious condition. In Japan, the government encourages its people to lose weight to prevent this metabolic disorder because of vast amount of health care costs that this disease brings to the nation.

Diabetes control diet is not as complicated as you think. It means careful selection of food items and recognizing symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

A starting point on diabetes control diet:

1. Make healthy substitution. Nutrition experts will give you detailed lists of choices of food item that you should know by heart. They use the exchange methods. It is a group of foods into different categories such as vegetables, fruits, meat, rice, fats and sugar. One exchange means one serving. Food exchanges mean you can substitute food items in the same list, which gives you the same amount of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

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2. Glycemic Index (GI) as a tool for diabetics. This is the measurement of the effect of carbohydrates in the blood sugar level. In other words, not all carbohydrates are created equal. Food items which have low GI in the form of wheat, oats or whole grains has lesser impact to upsurge of blood sugar levels compared to commercial white and whole breads, corn flakes and other cereals which have greater GI.

The time has come when we need to be extra careful and control diabetes mellitus in affecting our life.

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By Jose Felipe Abrigo - Contributing writer for - Reverse Diabetes Permanently


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