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A Diabetic Rash – Identifying the Signs of Diabetes

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Did you know there are a number of symptoms that show you may have diabetes? If you've developed a rash that is raised or darkened you may have what's referred to as a diabetes rash, a precursor to diabetes that should be looked at right away. If you discover this rash it may actually help you discover a risk of diabetes before it can develop, you may even be able to stop the disease's development before it can take root.

There are a number of types of rashes that can be caused by diabetes and all of them have different symptoms you should look out for. Eczema is one type of skin rash that can occur with diabetes. Another type is referred to as diabetes dermopathy, and shows up in one third of people with diabetes. This type of rash occurs as depressed, dark spots on the body--usually on the legs. This can also be mixed with eczema.

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Scleroderma diabeticorum is another type of skin condition that can occur with the disease and will show up as thickening on the skin of the back and neck. Many rashes that show up before diabetes appear as rings or arc shapes and often appear on the fingers, ears, chest and abdomen. Blisters may also be common on the fingers and toes.

While some of these conditions may have causes unrelated to diabetes--such as a reaction to an allergen or insulin--a sudden appearance of any unexplained rash should be checked out by a doctor. Rashes that are raised or darkened are particularly worrisome if you're concerned about developing diabetes. If you have high-risk factors for diabetes--such as high blood pressure or a family history--you should always take rashes and blisters on your body as a serious sign that the disease could be developing.


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