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Average Blood Sugar Level – Too High? Find Out What to Do Right Now

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Is your blood sugar level too high? Are you diabetic or close to being a diabetic? Regardless of your circumstances it is good to retain a healthy average blood sugar level in order to live a long, healthy life. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind regarding blood sugar.

Drugs can help regulate your sugar, like metformin. But the alone absolute acknowledgment is diet and exercise. Cut your diet back on carbohydrates. Take a test afterwards to see what foods affect you when added to your diet and what benefits you (we're all different--for instance some people around can eat a baked potato with hardly any effect, but just a little tiny amount of rice will raise their average level over 200!). Get some exercise, just walking about the block will create an effect. It helps as well to stay with some water and keep hydrated.  Buy bottled water and drinks lots of it.

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Without using medicine the only way to keep your levels low is to exercise. You also need to eat healthy. These are some easy tips you can use every day. If you already have diabetes there are some things you can do. Of course you can eat well and exercise more. 

However you also can take over the counter medication to help regulate your sugar levels. Some people go to their doctors for this kind of medicine but it is a known fact that you can get the same medicine without a prescription and cheaper other places.


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