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Foods That Control Diabetes

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Diabetic foods that control diabetes are important if you want to effectively manage your disease. Diet is the key component of controlling diabetes. It is very important to know which foods are best to control diabetes.

The types of foods that control diabetes are essentially made up of a low GI diet. Diabetes is a disease that is caused by your body not being able to produce enough insulin or no insulin at all. The amount of glucose consumed is dependent upon this; it is vital that you maintain proper glucose levels because if you don't it could actually become life threatening.

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Some vegetables are high in GI but are good for diabetics as they are low in carbohydrates; these include pumpkin, turnips, swedes, and parsnips. The glycemic load on these are low, some of the other vegetables and diabetic foods that control diabetes are carrots, onions, salad greens, broccoli, and tomatoes, these are packed with micronutrients that is beneficial for everyone.

Alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) is a source of omega-3 that is found in plants. Some of the good sources of ALA are:

  • Canola oil and mustard seed oil - both of these are high in monounsaturated fat but they do contain a significant amount of ALA. Mustard seed oil has the lowest content of saturated fat compared to other oils in Australia.
  • Green leafy vegetables - The main ones include cabbage, spinach, parsley, broccoli, kale and silver beet
  • Linseed and/or flaxseed oil - This contains the richest source of ALA. Only purchase these in small quantities as they can go off from the heat and the age of the product. Linseeds can be used freshly ground sprinkled over cereal or muffins
  • Walnuts and pecans
  • Soybeans and soy beverages that contain omega-3 - soybean oil is a source of omega-3, however, it contains an omega-6 content that makes it not a very good source of ALA

Other diabetic foods that control diabetes are:

  • Artichokes - this vegetable contains a large amount of insulin, which is why it is considered beneficial for diabetics. This vegetable also contains large amounts of iron, calcium, potassium and sulphur
  • Bitter Gourd - or bitter melon juice contains plant insulin which has been used effectively for diabetes
  • European blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) - this is a traditional herbal medicine that uses the leaves of this plant to naturally lower sugar, this plant is also known as bilberry. Recent studies has shown that the berries from this plant are even more beneficial
  • Ground fenugreek seeds - These are known to lower blood sugar significantly in people with type 2 diabetes

By adding these diabetic foods that control diabetes into your diet you can significantly and effectively manage your diabetes and achieve optimum health.

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