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Some High Blood Sugar Symptoms

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Some of the high blood sugar symptoms can be similar to other health related issues, but there are at least a few which when combined can be a possible indication that you should have your levels tested by a doctor. Let's take a look at some of the known indicators.

If you have a prolonged period of time where you seem to always be hungry, and constantly thirsty for something to drink, then you should consider making an appointment to be tested for diabetes. These are indicators that your body is trying to maintain operations under adverse conditions. The entire digestive process can be disrupted and cause insufficient nourishment to the rest of the body.

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You might think that a person who doesn't seem to be able to quench their thirst would not have a problem with dry mouth. Frequent urination can occur from drinking lots of liquids, but if you are not consuming very many drinks, and still have to urinate often this is one of the high blood sugar symptoms.

When there is a wound that doesn't seem to heal as quickly as it should, this could be a sign that the hemoglobin is too thick from glucose and not allowing fresh nutrients to be supplied to the skin to aid in healing. Recurring infections are a result of the same circulatory problem, and often accompany the other high blood sugar symptoms.

This thickened condition is also what causes dry itchy skin, and even unexplained weight loss. When the skin doesn't get nutrients and liquids, it dehydrates into a flaky condition which itches. Weight loss can occur because the nutrients are getting to the body parts and they start relying on stored resources for nourishment.

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All of the above high blood sugar symptoms are part of the reason people can start feeling extremely tired and become fatigued more easily. The body isn't getting the nutrients required for energy, and the same goes for having blurred vision. Experiencing any combination of these conditions, is a good reason for getting tested.

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