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What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level First Thing in the Morning?

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It is mandatory to keep track of your blood sugar levels when you are a diabetic. It is prudent to check for your blood sugar levels at least four times in a day. The sugar levels of a person is generally the lowest first thing in the morning. An obvious question may come into your mind as to what is a normal blood sugar level first thing in the morning?

For a normal and healthy human being the blood glucose levels when fasting should be between 70-100 mg/dl before breakfast first thing in the morning. It is always advised to take the blood sugar test first thing in the morning when you are fasting. This will give you the correct reading of sugar levels in the body.

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Levels of blood sugar should also be checked after you have taken the morning test. This will help you determine how much of glucose is present in your body at different times of the day. This will also help you to adjust your diet and the intake of insulin accordingly.

As mentioned above it is wise to take blood glucose tests several times a day and four times would be ideal for an individual. The times that you should check your blood glucose levels can be in the morning, before lunch, before dinner, when you are going to bed or after your meals.

When you are going to determine the normal levels of sugar for your state you should consult your doctor as he/she would be able to advise you on what your blood sugar levels should be at different times of the day. The test for determining the blood glucose levels in your body is the oral glucose tolerance test. This can be conducted several times a day and with the help of it you can regulate and control the glucose levels that are present in your body successfully.

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