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An Essential Wellness Tip to Reverse Your Blood Sugar

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It is axiomatic. We all have the same blood sugar requirements as human beings, so how then does this process become skewed and even deteriorate until it is associated with illness like diabetes.

When I was three years my father died after going into a diabetic coma. The story is that neither he nor his family was aware that he had any problems with blood sugar. His only complaint was tiredness.

In most life circumstances, experiencing blood sugar problems can be avoided by opening awareness to, and getting better information about the relationship of food to excellent health. The very next step would is to be willing to make appropriate changes in diet and activity... This will ensure that you bring your body to a well state naturally.

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At this time in history, there are millions of people struggling to manage their blood sugar. Some even take medication on a daily basis, without even the thought that they can reverse blood sugar symptoms, and that it is totally manageable. Yes it is possible to live to be 100 plus years diseases free if you choose to make the correct nutritional choices...

Here is the essential tip that is easier said than done. Consider your mind set. Decide now to develop a mindset of contentment that will lead you away from frequently fretting and craving sugar. Your willingness to manage your brain energy and mindset will lead you in the direction of nurturing yourself and making food choices for healthier results. With proper brain energy your body will experience a restorative effect in all organs of the body, like the pancreas that is associated with fluctuation in blood sugar. Without managing your mind/ brain in this way, there is no hope for permanent relief from this disease. The good news is that others have done this and so can you.

One of the best ways to manage brain energy is to learn and practice the process of meditation. Formerly meditation was only in the venue of monks and divine forces like the Indian goddess Shakti.

Thankfully in modern times meditation is taught in Yoga classes, usually at the end of a session or you might find a free course on the internet. A free course about meditation might give you the impetus you need to move forward and get more attuned with the process. Also, it is possible to learn doing meditation sessions privately with an expert. The objective here is to become familiar with a way to quiet your mind, and create an avenue in the brain for divine guidance about how to be more contented with the normal human requirement of 40 grams of sugar a day, in order to manage your blood sugar

I learned to meditate in a yoga class and discovered that you can meditate any where you choose. You can even have a walking meditation in a quiet area where traffic, noise and interruption are minimal. If you feel comfortable on a jet plane, this is a good opportunity to use the hum of the engine to help rest you mind.

You will end you flight with enormous energy, ready to go, go, go! This process helps you enjoy a new sense of personal awareness. And, it has been recommended and documented by authors who write about mental and spiritual energy, like Deepak Chopra that managing energy is paramount to aging well with no symptoms of illness. Therefore, there will be no need to take lifelong medication for chronic symptoms associated with aging.

For instance suppose you lost your capacity to manage blood sugar as you age - simply managing your mind and the thoughts about changing your diet will lead you comfortably choosing food that is balanced and meet the needs of a person who needs to rein in their sweet tooth. Yes, you can use your brain to manage your diabetes without medication. Others like my mother have done it and so can you. My mother stayed symptom free without medication for twenty three years after she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 80.

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Celia Westberry is an author, speaker and wellness lifestyle coach. She helps clients to reprogram their minds and bodies to have a personal relationship with food to be happier, healthier and more contented.

Her book Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly the easy way to slow aging, feel, great and look good has glycemic ready recipes to help you Start Over with healthy eating. Visit her at []

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