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The Best Type of Diet For Diabetic Patients

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Lifestyle diseases which includes diabetes mellitus, which is divided into two types (Type 1 and type 2), are now slowly increasing in terms of number of people suffering from this disease. The common treatment to manage this health condition is the diet modification and intake or injection of insulin into the body.

The diet modification for a diabetic patient is commonly called diabetic diet. Strictly following to the diet and the treatment would result into keeping the blood sugar into its normal range. What is diabetes mellitus by the way? Diabetes mellitus is an organic and chronic disease that impedes the normal absorption of the blood sugar or the glucose leading to an increase amount of glucose into the blood serum that would somehow be manifested through specific symptoms.

As the disease is continuously progressing, it would result to heart attack or any damage on the bodily systems. The only way to prevent the complications of this debilitating disease is restrictions from diet high in glucose. As insulin dependent, exercises and any form of oral hypoglycemic agent is needed.

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What is the best way to manage diabetes?

Diabetic diet varies from person to person. It greatly depends on the person's bodily measurement which includes the height, weight, age, and Body Mass Index (BMI). The calculation of the diabetic diet must be agreed by the patient and the doctor. The patient may also refer to the dietitian or nutritionist in order to calculate estimation of the number of calories needed per day. As per discussed, there are two types of diabetes mellitus.

The type 1 has different diet plan to the type 2 diabetes mellitus. The reason for this is that the two has different pathophysiology. The type one needs to have additional insulin into the body and so, lesser glucose food content must be given. In type 2 diabetes mellitus, the body is resistant to insulin, and so exercises and food with less glucose must be provided. The two types intermingle with the diabetic diet as one of the treatment. However, common diet to everyone is not really that applicable. The best thing to do is to know the foods and its content and how it is budgeted for the total calories that the body needed.

The main objective of the diabetic diet is to lessen the glucose into the body. Glucose and oxygen are actually needed for the transformation of energy to hydrate billions of cells in the body. However, what is happening in the diabetes mellitus is that the body, especially the intravascular area is flooded with unabsorbed glucose which is then detrimental for the body.

The only way to prevent the accumulation of glucose is to limit the intake of it. Glucose is being widely distributed into the different food types. The final product of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is glucose. Carbohydrates achieved the highest amount of glucose after the transformation of the complex substances which are the monosaccharide, disaccharides and polysaccharides. This is the reason why a diabetic person must know food content of what he or she eats.

It is good to know that simple foods are needed for the diabetic patient and it is very much available in the supermarket. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains must be the important food piled into the table. It is not necessary to eat bland foods for the rest of your life, being conscious with the glucose intake is what to bear in mind.

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