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The Reverse Diabetes Diet That Has Been Proven to Work

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Physicians and dieticians teach their patients with diabetes to properly monitor their blood sugar levels, to take the right amount of insulin, and above all, to maintain a proper diet. Proper diet partnered with medication has been the prevailing wisdom when it comes to controlling the disease of diabetes. However, recent studies have shown that with diet alone it may be possible for patients to not only maintain their healthy glucose levels, but to actually reverse their diabetic condition, without medication.

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One example of this type of reverse diabetes meal plan centers around eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet. One study of this type of diet, out of UCLA, showed that after three-weeks of adhering to this plan, fifty percent of participants were no longer classified as diabetic. The diet is based on percentages, with the lowest percent of calories coming from fat, twenty to thirty percent from protein, and the highest caloric intake from high-fiber carbohydrates. At the conclusion of this study, the majority of the participants no longer tested positive for metabolic syndrome.

A similar diet based plan for diabetes reversal takes the low-fat model to a higher level by focusing on the vegan diet. In this plan, diabetics are encouraged to cut out all animal proteins, and animal-based proteins, including cheese, eggs, and animal fats. This diet is based on cultures in which the consumption of animal fats is relatively low, and in which diabetes is almost non-existent. Studies have indicated that when patients follow a more plant-based diet their bodies become more sensitive to the insulin being produced, whereas a fatty diet can cause the body to be more resistant the insulin.

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All protein in this diet plan comes from plant-based products. To guide diabetics following this plan it is necessary to learn the new food groups, as designated by this diet: grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Participants in a twelve-week trial of the low-fat vegan diet showed a marked decrease in glucose concentration when compared to the control group.

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