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5 Warning Low Blood Sugar Symptoms – Dangerous Blood Sugar Level

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If you are suffering from low blood sugar symptoms then there are many things around you that a person must be aware of. Dangerous blood sugar levels come top in the list. Diabetes is a medical condition which is characterized by elevated blood sugar levels. There is always a chance of over correction with the help of either exercise or insulin injection. Excessive insulin or strenuous exercise and insufficient food are the prime reasons of low blood sugar.

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There are top 5 low blood sugar symptoms; generally these symptoms come in order. These are

Headache: This is the least serious symptoms of low sugar in bloodstream. If anyone is experiencing headache without any obvious reason then it is good to check the level of glucose to make sure that it is not the sign of dangerous blood sugar level.

Mood Swings: If the level of glucose in the bloodstream falls steeply, there are bright chances that the sufferer snaps on the people around him for no reason. This is better to let the people around you know about low blood sugar symptoms. However if it is the habit of the diabetic to snap on the people around you all the time then the people around him won't be able to recognize this sign of low blood glucose.

Numbness and Tingling: The lips, face and extremities will go numb. There would be some strange feelings in these areas.

Shakes: If the glucose blood level goes too low then chances are that the sufferer begins to haze. The feeling is more like a person has drunk. The sufferer may also start to zone out and may begin to stare into nothingness.

Seizures: If the level falls further the chances are that sufferer may become unconscious and begin to shake. If the situation is left untreated at this point it may result in death as well.

It is wise to listen closely to the body and give due importance to early signs of low blood sugar. If the initial signs are ignored then there are chances that sufferer is not able to rationalize.

The instant treatment of low sugar in bloodstream is to have something sweet preferable with table sugar in it. There are chances that the person goes from low zone to the high zone. However the low blood sugar is an uncomfortable phase and it is important to be out of the situation as early as possible. It is good to remember that ingesting of sugar requires some time.

Learn the tips to deal with Low Blood Sugar. I have mentioned here tips and tricks with the help of which I have said "good-bye" to Diabetes; so you can do the same. This will help to design a meal plan that has the ability to control Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels in a way that you'll end saying where is my Blood Sugar?

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